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15 hilarious ‘Pushin P’ Memes as fans react to Gunna’s track



Gunna has broken the internet with his new track Pushin P.

The American rapper released the song featuring Young Thug and Future last week as part of his latest album DS4EVER.

Pushin P is confusing everyone as nobody can work out what the 28-year-old’s new phrase actually means.

He’s taken to Instagram a few times to try and explain ‘Pushin P’ but it’s only left fans even more puzzled.

Now, memes are flooding Twitter as fans react to the track. Here are some the funniest ones…

Photo by Johnny Nunez/WireImage

15 funny Pushing P Memes

Pushing P or whatever Gunna said.

Some people aren’t keen on the track.

What does it mean?

Need answers.

The confusion is real.

These memes are too much.

Everyone dancing to the track even though they don’t understand it.

The explanation has left fans even more confused.

Is this youth talk?

Gunna, Future and Young Thug on Pushin P.

It’s had mixed reactions.

Every time someone asks what ‘Pushin P’ means.

Getting ready to rap along.

Accurate representation of fans right now.

Listening to DS4 then Pushin P comes on.

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