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Is Disney’s Figment Popcorn Bucket 2022 available on eBay?



Disney’s EPCOT witnessed long queues on January 14, 2022, and it wasn’t for the Internation Festival of the Arts, it was for the Figment Popcorn Bucket which came with rainbow-colored popcorn.

The guests waited for hours in the lines to buy the limited-edition collectible, which was only available at the Pop East! food studio in Disney World Resort.

And, some who couldn’t get their hands on the popcorn bucket are keen to know if it’s available on eBay.

Cute little kids eating fresh homemade popcorn out of large bowl.

What is the Figment Popcorn Bucket?

Figment, the tiny purple dragon, is the mascot of the Imagination! pavilion at EPCOT.

The theme park exclusively sold Figment-inspired popcorn buckets at Walt Disney World Resort today as a part of its International Festival of the Arts.

It was sold for $25, including the multi-colored popcorn.

The craze for the limited-edition bucket is such that guests apparently lined up at the park well before it opened at 10:00 am. The food studios were scheduled to open only at 11:00 am.

Is the limited-edition bucket available on eBay?

A few guests who were present at EPCOT only to purchase the special edition buckets are calling it a ‘historic day‘ in the history of the theme park.

But, some of them who couldn’t attend the event in person have turned to eBay to buy the product.

As we stated earlier, the Figment Popcorn buckets were only available at EPCOT, but some guests who got to buy the limited-edition collectible are selling it on eBay for a much higher price.

The fancy popcorn bucket is being auctioned for more than $150 on eBay and that’s excluding the shipping charges.

Please note that the prices can still go up as the cost in an auction isn’t fixed.

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The fad for the collectible is unbelievable

Twitter is flooded with posts related to the Figment Popcorn Bucket, with many users desperate to know where they can buy it now.

And, it appears as if they aren’t worried about paying ten times more for the limited-edition bucket.

One tweeted, “Me: Can I have $200? Kelson: For what? Me: Whispering: …. Figment Popcorn Bucket……..”

Another said, “What we’re not gonna do is shame people for standing in line for 6 hours for a Figment popcorn bucket.”

“I’d fight a toddler and their guardian for that figment popcorn bucket yeah I said it they can’t even spell figment probably,” wrote another.

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